Sep 17, 2016

Get GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard (USD) - gtb internet banking |

Getting the GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard is simple. The requirement to get the GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard for  gtb Internet banking and other related service is not much.

The GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard is very important at this period because of the way dollar is climbing high. This have really affected so many business as even some companies had to shutdown their service because they couldn't meet up.

Ever since I ordered for my GTBank dollar master card, since then I have noticed flexibility on the way I pay for things online. I use my GTBank Dollar MasterCard to pay for products on Amazon, EBay and other website that require me to pay in US dollar. The rate at which dollar is growing in Nigeria is becoming unbearable, and every one is looking for alternative in other to stay on track. The Current dollar rate Now, $1 is N430 which is high. Paying with your normal master card, you get to pay 3times what ever you want to pay for. However, it is %100 reliable using the GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard (USD) for your online payments.

GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard Overview

All GTBank international cards are distributed in cooperation with Mastercard worldwide which is also directly linked to any master card that was issued by GTbank.

The GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard (USD) can be used for gtb internet banking, therefore used for settling any bill which you will be debited from your Account immediately.

Features of GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard -  gtb internet banking

  • GTBank Mastercard is reliable, however, it is accepted in more than 34 million merchant country and location. Which can be used to pay for anything in U.S Dollar online such as Supermarkets both on local store and on the internet acting like a free virtual credit card that can be used both online and on local stores and ATM.
  • You can also fund your account 24/7 and use your GTBank dollar mastercard on over 2.1 million ATMs in the whole world.
  • The credit card guide and more information will be given to you by GTBank, for further instruction on how to use it.
  • It can also be used for other payment such as your Flight ticket and Airline and you can also use it on foreign Hotels.
  • Your GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard (USD) can be used for 2years. However, it can be renewed after expiration, which can be done at any Branch of GTBank.
  • Just like your normal ATM cards, you Name, number and expiration date are been printed on the card's front.
  • At the back of your GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard,  you have printed on it your card 3 digit Validation value (CVV2).

How Security is GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard

The GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard is very secure as it uses Chip and PIN automation to protect your cards from unauthorized transaction and use.

Requirement for GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard

It doesn't require much, if you are already a GTBank customer. Hence, if you have a dollar domiciliary account it makes the process easier.
  1. Dollar Domiciliary account (US Dollar)
  2. Active GTBank Current account

Requirement for Existing GTBank customers, you will need the following:

  • You will need a domiciliary account. This can be opened at any GTBank branch around you. (No stress. They will present you with a form to fill, which will need two current account holders.)

  •  After your Dollar domiciliary account has become active, then request for a GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard.

  • To complete the Dollar Debit MasterCard Application form, a minimum of $50 dollars is required for opening the account.

  • Now you can shop comfortably online and locally with your Gtbank Dollar Debit MasterCard.

Requirement for New Customers

The following are required for an Active GTBank dollar master card.

  1. Completed (USD) Domiciliary account form
  2. 2 (Two) Referees
  3. 1 (one) recent passport photograph
  4. a recent Utility Bill
  5. A copy of your Driver's License or International Passport
  6. Minimum opening balance of $50

Things you should know about your GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard

  • Just like other ATM card, their is a spending limit of $1000 on ATM withdrawal
  • The spending limit is equivalent to your current billed country which is on your transaction.
  • All POS has no spending limit. Therefore, you can pay at supermarket using their POS machine and applicable on other  POS enabled store.
  • Internet payments is also unlimited, meaning you can pay for anything online with no Limit.

With this you can still pay for anything in dollar with out converting from Naira to dollar. ;) :)

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