Jun 28, 2016

MTN cheap best and affordable call & data rate. (100mb & 1950airtime)

MTN came up with series of data and call bonus after they acquire Visafone for N47.5 billion Naira. During that period, they came up lot of affordable and reliable data.

I don't know but it seems MTN came up with data and cheap call rate for their user maybe as a compensation or so. 

MTN didn't stop the N1950 Airtime and 100mb. Even up till now. MTN only reduced the way they advertise the package because they have other and lot of tariff and plans to advertise to the masses.

What's special about the MTN package.

The good thing about the package is that. You dont have to migrate your current data plan. 

Till date, I use the package and it is lovely. I believe people that have used the MTN package can testify to it.

Benefits of the MTN package.

The funny thing is that, I don't know the name of the package. But, I will guide you on to easily use the MTN service. 
  • If you are the type, that makes alot of calls. Then, this is for you. I love the package because I make calls a lot.
  • If you are the type, that browse and surf the Internet less frequently. Then this MTN package is for you.  
  • The good thing about it is that, i prefer it because, I have a Spectranet and Swift Modem which I use as my main internet surfing plan.
  • They give you N1950 naira airtime for calls to all network. 
  • They also give you 100mb to browse the internet. Wow isn't it amazing?.

How much does it cost for this MTN package.

It cost N500 naira to subscribe to this MTN amazing tarrif package. Wow, you must be surprise right? Because, MTN hardly give out huge promo like this.

Like I said earlier, this plan is amazing to me. Because, you get to Load just 500naira and you get to make calls for worth N1950 plus 100mb.

How to subscribe to this plan

It is indeed easy to subscribe to this package. The funny thing is that MTN shows message each time you check your balance sometimes telling you that you type a code maybe something like *300*11# but it doesn't go through. Which got alot of peopel worried if MTN has stopped the plan. 

Follow the steps bellow to subscribe to the plan.

  1. Load N500 naira to your MTN phone line.
  2. Open your message.
  3. Send/text V500 to 131.
  4. 500naira will be deducted from your account.
  5. Wait for sometime and your accout will be loaded with N1950 naira and 100mb.

How to check your balance & mb balance.

To check your balance:
  • Pick up your phone.
  • Dial *559*61#
  • This will load up and show you how much you have left and how many data MB you have left.

How long does it last?

The data subscription last for around 2weeks. It was 7days before, but MTN had to consider their clients/customers. So hurry, subscribe and enjoy this lovely MTN package.

Can I go for a plan higher than N500 naira?

Yes, ofcus. Different amount different plan package.

There are different plan which could be subscribed for: 
  • Text V500 to 131 for 500naira for 2weeks.
  • Text V1000 to 131 for 1000naira for 1month. 
And many more. Hope this article was helpful. Feel free to share with others.

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