Jun 18, 2012

Browse Free with Etisalat on PC/Laptops

Tools Needed

After downloading and installing

  • First thing you’ll have to do is to set your-freedom to run as admin by:
    1. Right click on the “Your-freedom icon” in desktop
    2. Click “Property”
    3. Click on “Compatibility” TAB
    4. Tick “RUN this program as an Administrator”
    5. Click “OK” then you’re good for that step
    6. Do the same for OpenVPN aswell
  • Open your-freedom and click on Ports on the tab and tick the following:
      1. SOCKS 4/5 port
      2. Web Proxy Port
      3. OpenVPN port
      4. Use UDP for OpenVPN
      • After the above then Goto Messages tab and tick the following:
        • Auto scroll
        • Minimum Level: set to “DEBUG”
  • Under the Application tabs you will be able to Configure what ever application you see there that you have installed in your system, you can execute that by:
    1. Tick what ever apps/software  you wish to configure
    2. Don’t get scared it will help you configure them automatically.
    3. Select “Configure your applications to use YF”
    4. Click “OK” and then watch your apps being configured Automatically.

Step 3

Click Status on the tab and then Configure.
  1. This is the last part of the configuration 

  • WOW, what is…..? Don’t worry not all tabs are needed here just three (3) tabs are needed here.
  • Under “YF Server”
    1. Address: ems03.your-freedom.de
    2. Port: 80
    3. Connection mode: post
    4. Tweaks: Etisalat ng
  • Under “Options” the following should be ticked: (3,5,6,7,8)
    1. Reconnect after server shutdown
    2. SOCKS4/5 DNS lookups on server
    3. Enable encryption
    4. Enable re-keying
    5. Use true SSL with HTTPS
    6. Minimum buffer size: 1500
    7. Reconnection delay: 5000
    8. Initial POST size: 10000000
    9. Minimum POST size: 20000
    10. FTP mode: both
    11. SSL protocol version: any
  • Under “Settings” tab
    1. Tick “Do not show pop-up windows”
  • And the last, click “Account Information”
    1. Under “Account Details, Here you get to insert the username/password that you used in registering/opening an account at your-freedom website.
    2. “Username and Password” you used in registering at Your-Freedom website are needed.
Click “SAVE and EXIT” below. Exit the program, connect your modem and open your freedom and click on “Start Connection”

List of good servers and there countries

1.       ems03.your-freedom.de     (Germany)
2.       ems12.your-freedom.de    
3.       ems16.your-freedom.de     (USA)
4.       ems05.your-freedom.de     (Germany)
5.       ems30.your-freedom.de     (UK)
6.       ems10.your-freedom.de     (Germany)
For now these are servers I’ve tested
If you’re interested in upgrading your account, you can call me on 07035064730 or leave me a message at henrygee001@yahoo.com

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